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Law as a sought after career in 21st century

Law has emerged as one of the most sought-after and prestigious career paths. With its ability to shape societies, protect rights, and foster justice.

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  • Arunav Ghosh

    This institute understands what CLAT is about, by targeting core skills and focusing on holistic development and an innovative and comprehensive curriculum they ensure a thorough preparation for every student. They were instrumental in my preparation journey, and their guidance was irreplaceable.

    Arunav Ghosh

    AIR 40 CLAT & WB Rank 1 in 2023

  • Palak Kumar

    Aditya sir has great subject-matter knowledge, is very approachable, and overall just a great mentor to have. He goes out of the way to help his students through CLAT. He has been an important part of my journey to NLSIU, Bangalore.

    Palak Kumar

    AIR 31 CLAT

  • Shivang Soni

    Rajneesh sir’s programme completely changed the way I approached my preparation. The personal mentorship combined with innovative teaching methods and the competitive environment not only enhanced my preparation but helped in developing a work ethic that will stay with me for life.

    Shivang Soni

    AIR 1 LSAT & selected in NLUD, NUJS

  • Ayush Gupta

    Aditya Sir was an exceptional mentor who has had a lasting impression on me. He had a unique teaching style that made even the most complex concepts look simple and easy to understand. During my preparation, Aditya sir also conducted numerous workshops and contests that helped me learn time management skill and ability to soak in pressure. I’m thankful to him for his commitment in mentoring us for the exam!

    Ayush Gupta

    AIR 44 AILET & AIR 181 CLAT

  • Riana Mukherjee

    My experience with this coaching institute has been nothing but amazing, I have gained a lot of knowledge and insight about CLAT. The mentors, Rajneesh Sir and Aditya Sir are simply excellent. They teach and explain concepts in a way that every single student understands. They give personalised attention to each student. If it were not for this coaching institute, I would not have been able to crack CLAT.

    Riana Mukherjee

    AIR 170 AILET & AIR 854 CLAT

  • Garima Goel

    Aditya sir’s modules for testing and revising GK make it so much easier to prep and revise subsequently. He can deeply connect with students and identify areas of work and is therefore great as a mentor. With his help, I have received an AIR of 264 in CLAT 2023, and am currently awaiting admission to WBNUJS.

    Garima Goel

    AIR 256 CLAT

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